Local community groups and interested organisations recently attended the “Let’s Energise Gippsland” seminar in Morwell. The day concentrated on discussing global energy trends with a local focus.

The new Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub, aims to connect with individuals and groups, build Gippsland’s renewable capacity through community energy projects, and to secure local and lasting community benefits.

Project Officer for the Hub, Chris Barfoot felt that the time is right to start transitioning to a renewable energy economy in the region.

“The connection points in the Latrobe Valley means there will always be interest in largescale projects wanting to access the grids from our substations.”

Not only is the current infrastructure crucial for new renewable developments, particularly in wind and solar whose growing efficiency is dramatically decreasing production and consumer costs, much of the local employment skill base is easily transferable into these new industries.

It is estimated that of the 10.2 trillion dollars being allocated to global energy generation in the next 20 years, 86% of it will be going into clear energy generation or renewable energy developments.

“The challenges for all of us is how do we make sure that all these big global trends translate into jobs and investment in our local communities”, said Simon Corbell, Victorian Renewable Energy Advocate.

“I am very keen on focusing on making sure those investment flows come to support local communities because that what this should all be about, as well as the other benefits that come from the transition to this technology”.

The Gippsland Climate Change Network (GCCN) is the ‘Hub Host’ for the Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub pilot program.

“It is a very important day to discuss the energy of our region. It’s about us supporting each other in our quest for renewable capacity within the Latrobe Valley”, said GCCN Chair, Darren McCubbin.

“We have been extremely fortunate to be working with Sustainability Victoria, who have been exceptional in helping develop this Community Power Hub”.

Joining Mr Corbell and Mr Barfoot as panellists at the event, were UPC Renewables Chief Executive Chris Judd, Strategic Coordinator for Sustainability Victoria Heidi Hamm, and Totally Renewable Yackandandah Executive Officer Matthew Charles-Jones.


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