And now ….. Ballan Community House (the out of town community centre we refer to below) has got the necessary funding to proceed! CPH Ballarat connected the Ballan Community House to local community wind farm Hepburn Wind.  Hepburn Wind have co-ordinated a 6.6kW PV (solar) system for the Community House and have provided funding in the form of a mixed grant worth $8,250 from their Energy Fund and their retailer, Powershop.  The benefits of this project include more renewable energy, 8,735 kgs less of carbon dioxide per year put into the atmosphere and local savings allowing programs to be expanded.  This is a great result.  Installation will occur in early to mid 2018.

In the beginning ….. CPH Ballarat is helping an out of town community centre find a way to install renewable energy, plus storage, to power their facility. The centre is happy to consider solar and/or wind but, at this stage, they have quotes to install solar PV with some retrofitting of insulation, shading and energy efficient lighting to reduce their energy demand. CPH Ballarat has facilitated an introduction to two funding groups who will work with the community centre to make this project happen. The benefits of this project include more renewable energy, reduced emissions and savings for the community which, in turn, they can use to expand their services.