Ballarat General Cemeteries

Ballarat General Cemeteries is a not for profit organisation providing the care of Ballarat’s extensive Cemetery, Chapel, Crematorium and historic gardens. Its electricity and gas supply charges are significant operating expenses. The property has its own water catchment dams used for irrigation of the lawns, garden beds and ornamental water features. Much of the electricity consumption is associated with operation of irrigation pumps. CPH Ballarat has funded a feasibility study by the Alternative Technology Association for the installation of solar electricity to determine the investment options across the site’s 7 metered supplies. A feasibility study to assess potential heat recovery opportunities from the Crematorium has been undertaken. CPH has investigated opportunities to change small and medium grounds maintenance plant from petrol / diesel powered to electric powered equivalent items. CPH Ballarat is working with the BGC Operations Manager to develop an understanding of the current irrigation networks and opportunities to invest in energy reduction improvements. The findings of the three studies will be summarised in a next steps discussion document for consideration by the BGC management which will inform the nature of capital investments proposed, cost-benefit evaluation and potential business cases.