Local councils around Australia are facing the challenges of maintaining valuable services, promoting growth and finding local solutions to the unique challenges they face.

In Gippsland, local governments are taking action to be more energy efficient and to adapt to the realities of climate change.

For economic and for environmental reasons they are leading the way towards a sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions and meeting renewable energy targets within their own backyards.

Sustainability Victoria’s Local Government Energy Saver Program provides a pathway for some councils to join a growing community who are taking action. One of these is the Bass Coast Council whose coastal erosion spurred investments in solar instalments and off-grid electricity.



But they are not the only ones. The Baw Baw Shire, Latrobe City Council, and Wellington Shire have partnered with the Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub (LVCPH) and also making inroads within this growing community-energy space.

Seen as a region with a long history of energy generation and desire to continue to be a ‘power hub’ for the State, action, and partnerships involving local councils means new solutions are being found for old problems.

For the LVCPH this means investment in renewable power sources that are generated locally, used locally and the savings kept locally through community participation and benefit sharing.

The Gippy Bulk Buy Program is a great example of a positive community outcome gained through such partnerships, giving more people access to the benefits of owning renewable energy technology.

Local residents, businesses, clubs, farms, weekenders, and off-grid properties in each of these three local government areas will have the chance to purchase affordable quality roof-top solar panels, portable solar generators, smart batteries, and inverters, as well as solar hot water systems produced in Morwell.

Local installers will be used to ensure that the installations and maintenance support local jobs, while also providing reliable ongoing support for the units themselves.

Yarra Energy Foundation who are managing this program is also making solar donations to nominated community groups as a percentage of kWh installed through the Bulk Buys.

At the LVCPH we are excited about this growing trend of local action within our region, but also across the State, Australia, as well as current and future global developments.


To register your interest for a free solar assessment and site visit, or to nominate a community group for a solar donation, check out the Gippy Bulk Buy website.

To hear from other Community Power Hub’s across Victoria watch the video below!