Our colleagues in the Latrobe Valley reported on this new energy storage system and we thought that we would pass it on.

GridEdge Energy Storage Systems

GridEdge supply an alternative to lithium-ion batteries, a non-toxic sodium-nickel chloride battery otherwise known as a molten salt battery. These SoNick battery systems are made by Swiss battery powerhouse FIAMM.

Their smart energy battery storage technology is designed to store energy with residential plug-and-play units all the way to commercial storage solutions, for load shifting, backup power and self-consumption of solar power generation.Diagram of Bridedge system and its advantages whcih include:No fumes, noise , fire risk
Units can combine seamlessly with nearly every situation and can integrate with the local grid to harness excess power, giving customers the flexibility to draw energy from their own reserves as required on or off-grid.

Check out their ‘Voltswagon’ transportable energy storage trailers, an eco-friendly energy solution combining a rechargeable molten-salt battery with solar. It is the ideal alternative to diesel or petrol generators for power.

The Voltswagon transportable energy storage trailer is being manufactured as a joint venture between GridEdge and Earthworker Cooperative in Morwell.

Check out a comparison between a GridEdge SoNick and a Tesla lithium-ion battery here.
For for information about GridEdge’s breakthrough technologies and equipment, check out their website.