The CPH’s are all about local communities being involved and organising their own renewable energy projects that deliver energy which is cost neutral or cheaper than BAU.

So what are you waiting for;

  • Be part of clean energy future, driven locally by your local community
  • Invest in solutions where benefits flow and stay in your community

With your support, the Community Power Hubs can be a success.
Contact us today to find out how you can invest in your community’s energy future

Can individuals get involved?

With power use and energy sources changing globally, Victoria is with an innovative initiative to help us transition to renewable energy.

The Community Power Hubs are leading the charge, finding the most innovative solutions to power their local communities with renewable energy.

The Community Power Hubs project literally gives power back to the people. But it cannot work without your support. Find out more or get involved today.

The Community Power Hub will  have a positive local impact, with the potential to support local businesses, unite the community and create investment opportunities for local businesses.

Right now, your community is playing a vital role in increasing renewable energy generation by establishing grassroots projects that adopt new energy technologies. Across Victoria, communities are already progressing projects ranging from powering primary schools, hospitals and aged care centres with solar power to transitioning entire towns to 100 per cent renewable energy.

Talk to your local CPH about getting involved in the development or delivery of the local community project.

Community Groups

A Pilot Community Power Hub brings together those in the community that would not normally connect and collaborate to develop renewable energy projects that directly benefit the local community.

You can help this to be a great success, learn about renewable energy and even start your own renewable energy projects in your area. Call us today or come to one of our events to find out more.

Have you got an idea for a local Community Energy Project? Register your project with us.

Local Government

Recent research from Sustainability Victoria on the potential take-up of advanced climate change behaviours by the Victorian Public found that Local Governments by the were the highest rated organisations best placed to manage community energy projects.

Local Governments are part of the Community Energy movement and are supporters and often beneficiaries The Small Scale Community Solar Guide present descriptions and examples of these in practice ranging from bulk buys of Solar Hotwater, PV and Storage, hosting community owned systems on council buildings, and being financial partners in larger renewable energy systems.

Invest in Community Energy

Be part of clean energy future, driven by your local community.  Invest in solutions where benefits from renewable energy stay in your community.

If you care about the future of your community’s energy, invest your time, skills or finance in the Community power hub project that delivers local returns and local benefits.

This is a robust process and a great investment in (insert community area)’s future.  Successful community energy projects have engaged a new financial investor; the community investor, who may be characterised as having:

  • modest return expectations — prepared to accept a slightly lower rate of financial return than institutional investors, offset by an increased expectation of non-financial returns
  • generally modest sums to invest — notwithstanding that a significant proportion of funds came from self-managed superannuation
  • low appetite for risk
  • no appetite for capital loss
  • high levels of patience
  • a high requirement for communication
  • a high expectation of transparency. (Hepburn Wind Dec 2016)

With your support, we can make Community Power Hubs a success. Contact us today to find out how you can invest in your community’s energy future.

Each community energy project will be looking for different types of investments and contributions.  Contact the Hub to talk about the projects underway and how they line up with what you are able to contribute and invest