Our Story

Centreing community in new energy transition.

Gippsland has a strong and proud connection to the energy industry and entrepreneurship. We believe the region is positioned to be the renewable energy centre of Victoria.

The GCPH is committed to empowering our communities with the technical expertise and know-how they need to reduce their carbon footprint and lower energy costs.

We believe in the power of people to lead our transition to a renewable energy future.

Whether it’s facilitating off-grid systems, putting more solar on rooftops, helping community groups lower their energy bills, or even supporting large-scale solar, we’re committed to moving Gippsland towards an exciting energy future which brings opportunity, jobs and benefits everyone.

We’re about practical solutions and sustainable change.

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Community energy support in Gippsland is changing!

Support from the Gippsland Community Power Hub (GCPH) will change from Friday 26 August 2022, with the completion of the Community Power Hubs program which has been delivered by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government.

If you’re working on a community energy initiative in Gippsland, please direct contact to one of the three GCPH key partner organisations:

We look forward to speaking with you.

Important support changes

With the completion of program funding , the Gippsland Community Power Hub will operate at a voluntary capacity under the guidance of our governance group who have generously agreed to continue supporting communities to access cleaner and more efficient energy for another year.

The change does not affect the availability of free technical advice or the opportunity to network and connect with community energy thinkers and experts.

We look forward to welcoming new community energy groups after a year of unprecedented renewable energy adoption that benefits us all.

The year so far

The Gippsland Community Power Hub has witnessed incredible growth in community focus for energy activity in the region.

Since July 2021, some 42 community energy projects have commenced across Gippsland, reducing energy costs and emissions and enhancing control of energy supply and reliability for participating communities.

There has also been significant growth in our Gippsland community energy network, with more and more individuals and organisations sharing experience, technical expertise and lessons learned.

Unique opportunities are evolving in the region through partnerships with industry and government featuring renewable projects, innovative solar systems on community facilities and virtual power plant trials.

Would you like to be part of a network supporting community energy?

Our governance group will continue to meet to support, progress and advocate for community energy across Gippsland (including exploring funding opportunities to revive the Hub to full capacity).

The group invites further collaborations as we are stronger working together!

What is a community energy project?

A community energy project is one in which a community is involved in initiating, developing, owning, operating and/or benefiting from renewable energy and energy efficiency development. Benefits include:

  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Increased energy self-reliance
  • Income generation
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of renewable energy, and
  • Increased community cohesion through working together toward a shared vision


The GCPH has delivered fourteen flagship energy projects in the last 12 months to July 30 2022, these include:

  • Coronet Bay Community Hall.
  • Gormandale Community House
  • Heyfield Wetlands Information Centre.
  • Lucknow Football Netball Club.
  • Mallacoota Waste Water Treatment Plant.
  • Neerim South Hospital.
  • Venus Bay Community Centre.
  • Yarragon Church
  • Carrajung South Hall
  • Bass Coast Adult Education Centre
  • Sale Neighbourhood House
  • Tamboon Community Bushfire Defence and Response Facility
  • Mallacoota WWII Bunker Museum
  • Upgrades to Renewable Energy Education Trailer

More information

For project enquiries
Darren McCubbin, Coordinator darren.mccubbin@gccn.org.au

Do you have a renewable energy idea? Talk to us

Mallacoota Sustainable Energy Group mallacootasustainableenergy@gmail.com or 0412 312 881

Energy Innovation Cooperative info@eico-op.org.au

Gippsland Climate Change Network darren.mccubbin@gccn.org.au or 1800 839 007