Our Story

Gippsland has a strong and proud connection to the energy industry and entrepreneurship. We believe the region is positioned to be the renewable energy centre of Victoria.

The GCPH is committed to empowering our communities with the technical expertise and know-how they need to reduce their carbon footprint and lower energy costs.

We believe in the power of people to lead our transition to a renewable energy future.

Whether it’s  facilitating off-grid systems, putting more solar on rooftops, helping community groups lower their energy bills, or even supporting large-scale solar, we’re committed to moving Gippsland towards an exciting energy future which brings opportunity, jobs and benefits everyone.

We’re about practical solutions and sustainable change.

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What is the Gippsland Community Power Hub?

The GCPH is a pioneer program supporting renewable energy transition in Gippsland.

We’re a team of technical advisors, climate change groups, community facilitators and passionate Gippsland locals – all working together to share practical energy solutions with the Gippsland community.

As one of seven community power hubs state-wide funded by the Victorian Government and delivered by Sustainability Victoria, we’re committed to building Gippsland residents’ knowledge of, and involvement in, community-led renewable energy projects.

How we work

Gippsland Community Power Hub (GCPH) provides technical assistance, energy literacy education and project management support to communities wanting to take control of their energy use.  Our actions are guided by the principles of neutrality, accountability, and innovation. We are a non-profit and member-based program.

Our team conducts independent evaluations to determine project feasibility and assess what assistance to provide. Different criteria determine what we do, such as the scope of a given sustainable idea, the stage of buy-in in the community, the levels of access to technicians, and the added value we can bring to the project. We regularly assess our approach, seek-out new best practices,  taking into account what other organisations do.

How we do it

Every community we work with, the circumstances are unique. Nonetheless, our program generally offers a set of services so that we are working to maximum effect.

Technical Advice – Support to understand the technical and legal requirements for community energy projects including behind the meter agreements and power purchase agreements.

Financial Support – Assistance with project budgets and funding sources

Connecting Communities – Providing links and partnerships between communities of shared interest and building support for renewable energy service providers in Gippsland. This includes hosting energy literacy information events to build community of best practices.

Who are we?

At the centre of GCPH are partnerships with local climate groups and their communities.

The Gippsland Climate Change Network is the lead organisation of GCPH, working with its partners, Energy Innovation Cooperative and the Mallacoota Sustainable Energy group.

What is a community energy project? 

A community energy project is one in which a community is involved in initiating, developing, owning, operating and/or benefiting from renewable energy and energy efficiency development. Benefits  include:

  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Increased energy self-reliance
  • Income generation
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of renewable energy, and
  • Increased community cohesion through working together toward a shared vision.


The GCPH is also delivering eight flagship renewable energy projects scheduled for completion December 2021. Funded by Sustainability Victoria, these include:

  • Coronet Bay Community Hall.
  • Gormandale Community House
  • Heyfield Wetlands Information Centre.
  • Lucknow Football Netball Club.
  • Mallacoota Waste Water Treatment Plant.
  • Neerim South Hospital.
  • Venus Bay Community Centre.
  • Yarragon Church

Some of our completed projects:

  • Licola Wilderness Village – off-grid system
  • Gippy Bulk Buy Round 1 – solar panels, solar hot water units, and smart battery storage
  • Energise Gippsland Solar Program Round 2 – solar panels, solar hot water units, and smart battery storage
  • Gippy Bulk Buy – community solar donation
  • Ramahyuck Solar Farm
  • Yinnar Arts Resource Collective – renewables and energy upgrades
  • Yinnar Solar Footpath
  • Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House – renewables and energy upgrades
  • Rotary Centenary House – solar installations
  • Community College Gippsland: solar system analysis and design
  • And much more…

More information

For project enquiries
Darren McCubbin, Coordinator darren.mccubbin@gccn.org.au

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