What is Grampians Community Power Hub?

BREAZE was appointed as the host organisation of the Grampians CPH and are working with Sustainability Victoria (SV) to establish and progress the CPH to facilitate locally based community owned renewable energy projects.

Why does Grampians need a Community Power Hub?

Community Owned Renewable Energy presents the local community with significant opportunities to support, influence and benefit from renewable energy and emission reduction projects in their local area.

The Grampians community has shown strong interest in progressing community energy projects and would benefit greatly from capacity building, partnerships and project development resources including feasibility studies, legal, technical and financial skills.

How will the Grampians CPH work?

To ensure that the Grampians CPH is appropriately focused the following governance structure has been established:

  • A Project Control Group to ensure that the funds provided by Sustainability Victoria are used appropriately.
  • An Advisory Panel to ensure that any projects initiated by Grampians CPH fit within the renewable energy strategic

    direction of the region. Currently this group includes local councils, industry groups, businesses and education providers.
  • A number of Working Groups to facilitate and progress each of the community energy projects identified.

What projects will The Grampians Community Power Hub be working on?

The CPH will be working with community and local organisations to identify and test the feasibility of community renewable energy projects. Some of the projects they are currently investigating are:

Grampians CPH Webinar I:
Community Energy Forum

Grampians CPH Webinar II:
Previous Successes

Grampians CPH Webinar III:

Community Batteries

Grampians CPH Webinar IV:

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