What is the Community Power Hub Loddon Mallee?

Bendigo Sustainability Group (BSG) was appointed as the host organisation of the CPHLM and are working with Sustainability Victoria (SV) to establish and progress the CPH to facilitate locally based community owned renewable energy projects.

Why does the region need a Community Power Hub?

Community Owned Renewable Energy presents the local community with significant opportunities to support, influence and benefit from renewable energy and emission reduction projects in their local area.

The members of the Community Power Hub Loddon Mallee (CPHLM), supported by Sustainability Victoria, have a strong reputation for delivering community energy projects in the region, most recently through their involvement in the Bendigo Community Power Hub.

The group has an established network of relevant expertise and skills that allows them to identify, develop, and deliver community-based renewable energy projects. CPHLM is also proud to be partnering with sustainability groups across the Loddon Mallee region, where local economic benefits are flowing either from direct employment with the Power Hub or locally, in renewable energy jobs—not to mention power cost savings for the community over time.

The CPHLM is enjoying the opportunity to share their practical experience and knowledge of community energy beyond the borders of Bendigo, fostering opportunities for education and engagement with renewable energy throughout the communities that make up the Loddon Mallee

Implementation Ready Projects

The Community Power Hub has a number of implementation ready projects underway.

  • Mildura South Regional Sporting Precinct:: The Sunraysia Sustainability Network will benefit from this implementation of a solar PV system on the Mildura South Regional Sporting Precinct’s stadium.

  • Hazeldenes, Bendigo: This family-owned poultry producer will host two rooftop solar projects with seventy five percent of the savings flowing back to the community.
  • Bendigo Woollen Mills: Australia’s largest hand knitting and crafting yarn mail order manufacturer will install a 99kW rooftop solar system on their building: sharing the financial savings from the system with the Bendigo Sustainability Group.
  • Foodshare Bendigo: CPHLM is partnering with this fantastic charitable organisation to implement a 99kW rooftop solar system on their new building.


At the end of the project, the Power Hub would be a success if it had:

  • …identified, developed, and implemented at least two new community energy projects before the conclusion of the project time frame.

  • …evolved the Project Control Group and the Regional Advisory Group, in conjunction with other stakeholders into an ongoing concern, so that it can continue to identify and develop community energy projects beyond the project time frame–making the most of the project momentum and investment in human resources and relationships.

  • …built capacity in our region by establishing a program of community engagement events focused on the benefits of community energy throughout the Loddon Mallee region that can be continued beyond the project conclusion.

Potential Projects

The CPH will be working with community and local organisations to identify and develop new projects

This could include: solar systems on schools, churches; NGO, sports, and community buildings; local government and other government buildings; businesses.

These can take several forms, including crowdfunded via donations from the community. This is used to pay for the solar on the host’s building. This funding solution is suitable for schools, churches, sports, and community buildings, etc.

Crowdfunding is also suitable where the host is a local government or a business that will share the benefits of the solar power with the local community.

The main alternative to crowdfunded or other donation models is ‘community investment projects’. In these the community invests the capital to fund the solar on the host’s roof, getting a return on their investment over time. The host benefits from the capital investment of the funding and also enjoys the massive benefit of cheaper electricity.

How can I get involved in Community Owned Renewable Energy?

The CPH want the community and local investors to own and benefit from local clean renewable energy systems.  Do you want to get involved?

The CPH need commercial and other premises with larger roofs and energy demands to become Roof Hosts. Express interest and the team will send you further information.

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Project Manager
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