What is the Community Power Hub Loddon Mallee?

We’re increasing the access, involvement and ownership of renewable energy in the Loddon Mallee. Community energy has so much to offer for the region because of the economic, social and environmental benefits of renewable energy. The Bendigo Sustainability Group has been awarded funding by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government for the Community Power Hub Loddon Mallee. There are 7 community power hubs in Victoria and we’re all helping accelerate Victoria’s transition to a renewable energy future and zero carbon emissions by 2050.

What We’re Doing

We’re getting at least 2 new community energy projects in the Loddon Mallee by 30 June 2022.

We’re supporting a network of community groups to build awareness, gain momentum and get more community energy in our region.

We’re talking to the community about renewable energy and the environment and what they can do to reduce energy bills, benefit from local energy supply and be a part of a cleaner energy future.

Revolving Energy Fund

We’re currently open for expressions of interest for community energy projects in the Loddon Mallee region. Community groups, not-for-profits and businesses that want to reduce energy costs and take action on climate change can apply to us for funding. The funding is in the form of a no-interest or low-interest (for businesses) loan that is paid back over an agreed period. Funding is available to support projects that benefit communities and support the transition to renewable energy. This includes rooftop solar installations or any project that allows the applicant to pay the funds back over time. Contact us for more details.

Latest Projects


Want to get involved in community energy?

You can get involved too! Or if you simply want to have a chat about all things community energy, climate change action and sustainability. Contact details and links to social media below.

More information


Melissa Abel

Project Manager
Phone: 0421 704 064
Email: melissaa@bsg.org.au