Here’s a community energy idea … A local Community Power Hub is exploring the feasibility of installing a 100 kW PV solar array, at ground level, for a local tourist operator.  This would be used to off-set the energy consumed by the operator with the aim of the organisation becoming a zero net energy consumer.  The site is relatively flat, clear of shade, and can be connected to a nearby substation feeding back into the power grid.  Ideally, an agreement would be reached with an energy retailer that the energy delivered by the array would directly offset metered consumption elsewhere on the site. The not for profit organisation would benefit by an improvement in its ability to maintain infrastructure; an ability to employ more staff; and, opportunities to deliver new infrastructure/activities to attract higher levels of patronage.  Installing a large solar array, and reducing the organisation’s energy consumption/carbon footprint, would also reduce the energy load on Victoria’s energy production and distribution systems and provide a demonstration site, at a nationally recognized location.