5 min video showcasing the inspirational diesel to solar transition story of the remote, off-grid Licola Wilderness Village in Victoria.

Vision of a renewable energy future for the Latrobe Valley, including planning opportunities and timeframes.

The Mollongghip community came together to investigated a range of potential options for a community-led renewable energy project that provides tangible environmental, commercial and social benefits to the community. The study provides the information to make an informed decision on a preferred option for further and more detailed investigation.

Newspaper article about Licola Wilderness Village replacing diesel generators with off-grid solar & batteries. Useful example of community group action.

The Ballarat General Cemeteries approached the CPH in 2017 to gain assistance in the investigation of solar electricity. As a result of feasibility work conducted , 130 kW of solar was recommended to offset cemetery operations funded through a PPA and a battery to safeguard crematorium operations in the event of a power outage, funded through DELWP