Introduction to why participation is important for community energy projects and the outcomes it can produce. Explanation of tools: ‘Spectrum of Public Participation’ and ‘Participation Footprint’

Outlines the diverse range of economic arrangements for community energy projects and how these impact on community participation.

Explains legal and “extra-legal” governance structures and how these influence community participation. Also outlines options for protecting and embedding your mission and values over the lifetime of the project.

Describes the range of community engagement techniques, when to use them and how to tailor these to your local context and project type.

Describes activities to draw out learnings from your group around who, how and why to partner with other people and groups. Includes summary of facilitation tips & collaboration tools

Tips and answers to common questions on facilitation and community engagement

Calculator tool to assess viability of community energy projects on basis of social benefit. Useful to support decision-making and identify areas of improvement in the early planning phase.

Describes strategies and case studies of benefit sharing in renewable energy projects, with benchmarks and underpinning principles. Includes steps to develop a benefit sharing scheme.

Skills audit template to assess the level of an individual’s skills and experience across a range of disciplines, with a focus on solar PV. Useful for community groups to identify strengths, gaps and assist in member recruitment.

Bendigo Sustainability Group (BSG) submission to the Inquiry into Tackling Climate Change in Victorian Communities, along with a presentation on BSG priorities, projects and recommendations for government grants.

A template of the monthly reporting that the CPHs completed. This can be used by other groups wanting to report on their value/benefit over a period of time

Summary of Bendigo planning regulations that relate to renewable energy developments, with a focus on zoning requirements. Links to the Planning Scheme provided.

Summary of community energy technologies, highlights challenges & lessons learnt. A good introduction to community energy.

Outputs from the 2017 Inception Workshop of the Bendigo Community Power Hub.

Customer guidelines for the installation and connection of generators (less than 2MW) at low voltage to the CitiPower / Powercor networks.

Guidelines for solar farm design and development in Victoria, which provide example planning permit conditions that projects are assessed against.

Advocacy letter to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change requesting continued support for community energy and funding for the Community Power Hub Program.

Framework to prioritise and assess high level feasibility of energy projects, including process to collect initial ideas.

Discussion of solar PV lifecycle and re-use issues to enable second-hand PV market.

Templates for project governance, stakeholder mapping, project planning, and risk matrix.

Overview document of a course in Community Energy and Micro Grids offered through Federation University

Overview of the development stages of a typical community energy project and the role and timelines of the Community Power Hubs

A 5-part webinar series exploring Gippsland’s renewable energy future. The topics range from large-scale energy developments to practical talks about financing your own community energy projects.

Provides an overview of the policy, legislative and statutory planning arrangements for solar energy facility projects in Victoria.

Methodology for councils to estimate payments for all solar generators coming online now and in the future. Relevant to Local Government.

Provides the background and intent of the Community Energy Development and Administration Group that the BSG have set up.