Business case for East Grampians Health Services to reduce its power costs through the installation of solar PV. Includes assessments of alternative energy sources, recommendations and funding strategy.

Short overview of legal documents developed by the BSG with Beck Legal including rooftop lease, power purchase agreement, special purpose investment vehicle document set, loan note and how to get access.

5 min video showcasing the inspirational diesel to solar transition story of the remote, off-grid Licola Wilderness Village in Victoria.

Feasibility study of solar PV for a non-profit organisation with multiple sites of varied utility, describing tools used to evaluate the business case. Relevant to local government.

Energy audit and feasibility assessment of solar PV for a community facility prepared by Energy Innovation Co-operative. Provides practical recommendations and financial projections.

Land host survey used to investigate and identify potential sites for community solar farms, prepared by Bendigo Sustainability Group.

Introduction to the work of BSG, the Bendigo Community Power Hub Program and their achievements, and also to the newly formed Community Energy Development & Administration Group (CEDA Group).

Summary of outcomes in the Solar PV Bulk Buy scheme in Gippsland. Details potential opportunities or improvements for future bulk-buy schemes. Relevant to Local Government

Summary of aspects for installing community mini-grid, including case study of Mooroolbark Mini Grid, challenges and details peer-to-peer options

Information about opportunities for households to change their electricity use and supply through energy efficiency measures, solar PV and battery installations.

Energy audit and solar feasibility study prepared for the Yinnar Arts Resource Collective by Energy Innovation Co-operative for an old industrial building. Determines how the Southern CORE fund might assist.

Newspaper article about Licola Wilderness Village replacing diesel generators with off-grid solar & batteries. Useful example of community group action.

Bendigo Sustainability Group (BSG) submission to the Inquiry into Tackling Climate Change in Victorian Communities, along with a presentation on BSG priorities, projects and recommendations for government grants.

Framework to prioritise and assess high level feasibility of energy projects, including process to collect initial ideas.

Discussion of solar PV lifecycle and re-use issues to enable second-hand PV market.

The Ballarat General Cemeteries approached the CPH in 2017 to gain assistance in the investigation of solar electricity. As a result of feasibility work conducted , 130 kW of solar was recommended to offset cemetery operations funded through a PPA and a battery to safeguard crematorium operations in the event of a power outage, funded through DELWP

Provides an overview of the policy, legislative and statutory planning arrangements for solar energy facility projects in Victoria.

Description of what is included in the solar feasibility assessments that the BSG have completed including financing options and contact details for more information.